The Organizing Committee of the First Industrial Design and Industrial Integration Development Forum and CCDF China Commercial Display Prop Technology Annual Conference was initiated and established by industry associations and leading enterprises registered in accordance with the law across the country. The mission is to improve the industrial basic ability and industrial chain level, and promote the technological progress of the industry. The First Forum &Changhong Technology Annual Conference Focuses on “Design, Technology, Digitization and Application Cases”.

CCDF technology annual meeting assembly type main venue design was released the first time for Changhong.The main venue is located in China •ZhengdingChanghong Industrial Park factory, using BIM technology design, assembly process installation, the application of the technology is currently in the leading level of commercial assembly, improve efficiency, shorten the construction period, low carbon and environmental protection.

Changhong design and planning of the main venue of the technology annual meeting: The reception and intelligent security area on the first floor, cultural display wall, the entrance of the club owner, Huawei experience store, Xiaomi experience store, China Telecom 5G business hall, Nike experience store, supply chain exhibition area, multi-functional platform, lounge area, negotiation area and multi-functional main venue

Post time: Jun-28-2021