Rooted medicine [1992- 1999]

Changhong was incorporated in 1992 Cooperate with Jeanswest

Start to service for Financial industry, Insurance industry and Bank

Set up the factory.

Realize CAD drawing, Online office, development office software

The first through the ISO9000 quality system certification Built the first demonstration shop in China for China mobile, start cooperation

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Rooted medicine [2002- 2010]

Work for China Telecom

Industrialization - set up the new factory Built the highest mobile phone flagship store in the world for Motorola, start to build shop throughout China for Motorola, and CH become the global store fixtures supplier of Motorola

Registered trademark ”常宏装饰 “ FROM THIS YEAR, We have opened up overseas market and started export business

Registered trademark ”常宏装饰 “

Independent property right-BIM system CASD an IPO Built shop for Deppon thousand shops in hundred city

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Rooted medicine [2011- 2015]

Prada designated store property operation and maintenance supplier

Changhong factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Completed 1600 stores to build annually

Service for Bread N Butter to build 60 shops

The first industrial standard of China Building Decoration Association 《Technical specification for decoration of commercial》Open up new fields of home appliance industry, O2O experience store and food store decoration industry

Internet cloud service platform project  in development Won the Huawei SI3.0 project, set a new record of 937 stores delivered by a single brand in a single month

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Rooted medicine [2016- 2020]

Established cooperation with Lenovo, Adidas, Nio

Become the supplier of JD, Alibaba. And won Huawei SI3.5 project

Integrated development of information technology and industrialization pilot enterprise Building stores for branded customers 10000+

Set up an Changhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd BIM + Prefabricated shop landing service

To be considered Hebei enterprise technology Center Hebei New Retail store digital integration technology innovation Center The first ICBC 5G Brain Bank in hebei.

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Rooted medicine [2021- ]

Changhong show Center completed Please be note the above mentioned build shop means one-stop shop service

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